raz2b (raz2b) wrote,

Looking for stick posters!

More specifically, I'm looking for Russia and Germany. I MIGHT need a France one if my other sale falls through |3~
Shipping would be to Australia, so you'll need to tell me how much the shipping would be to get it to me. I would prefer it to be relatively undamaged (I don't mind slight creases and such. But nothing like tears and holes) and shipped in a tube or something like that. Shipped in the original packaging would be loved~

I'm looking for around the $8-$10 range somewhere. I'm glad to haggle and discuss shipping costs of course.
Ah, and I'm not fussed if they're the plain or holo variations. But for my wallet's sake, I'd prefer the regular version :3

Thanks to anyone who can help!
Tags: goods, want to buy

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