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Pokemon Collection!

Hello and welcome to my relatively small Pokemon collection!
For alot fo the things I have, I have NO IDEA what they are... so sorry about that ;w;


Kids! I think the Gliscor and Tangrowth are attack kids, but I'm not entirely sure ^w^'

I've always been a fan of the Gardeviour line, and this thing was the first thing I bought after not buying Pokemon related merch for... eight years. Funnily enough, I actually got this on a whim in Malaysia.
Gliscor was in a pack with Uxie and Tangrowth.

These I got in England! They came in the Pokeballs behind them with candy and some stickers~ I think the only one I really like is Chikorita, but I kept the other two anyway ;w;
Apparently, these are the part of the Topps Candy containers that came out in '09!

The Rayquazza and Groudon are Bandai Figures. They can both twist various parts of their body to use 'attacks' as it were. These two were the first figures I ever bought with my pocketmoney as a kid ;w; I regret not having enough for the Kyogre though. I have one on the way, so hopefully it's the one that matches these two ;w;

The Mantyke was just cute as anything. I think it's a Jaxx figure judging from what I've seen. Cherubi seems to be similar to the Mantyke... So maybe they're from the same line?

Cherubi was bought for me by my sister. She works in an Op Shop and picked it up for me when it came thorugh for sorting ;3;

These were bought for me when I was about 8 or so. The plush Pika with the jacket used to hold Jellybeans, and was given to me by my sister. The Clocks were given to me by my dad.
The Coin pika is relatively new though - gotten from a gatchapon by my brother then given to me.

Another gatchapon thing! I kinda like Typhlosion, so I was happy when I got this. As you can see, I've lost the peg for Cyndaquil ;__;
I only recently found these things were called Zukan ;w; Herp a derp

This Blastoise thing I actually picked up at a swapmeet. It's got wheels at the bottom, and can move along if wound. The little handle on the side winds it up :D

These are Clay figures made by me~ I do like to dabble in sculpting every now and then ;w;


This thing still works ;____;
it only covers the origional 150 Pokemon. This was realeased... just after the first season of the Anime was released in Australia ;w;


I was so happy I managed to find out about this! Released in 2000, they're holographic tazos you got in chip packets. I have the album and a full set! The ones at the bottom are my extras ;w;

A holographic Marril card that was on the cover of a small book about Marril. I no longer have the book though... I also had a Bellossom one, but I lost it when we moved house a few years back...

Man, I traded about $4 and my lunch snacks for this thing in sixth grade.
It's falling apart and everything, but I don;t want to get rid of it ;w;

There's a heap of  origional, first release gen.1 cards in there, as well as some hand drawn ones I used when me and my bros used to play 'Pokemon adventure' together.
Ahh... good times...

I bought a pack of cards on a whim, and these are what I got out of them. I don't really use the cards at all anymore, but I don't want to get rid of them ;w;

I have no idea where these are from.... OH WHALE

Compared to cards nowadays, this is pretty weak... BUT BACK THEN IT WAS POWER AND STATUS.

It's so shiny and I spent ages trying to translate it as a kid.

More cards that can't fit in the file :I


The celebi poster was the first poster I got! it came in a Disney Adventures Mag, and I've had it for... oh gosh, I have no idea how long. As you can see, it's pretty old ;w;

The ghost poster came in a K-Zone magazine. And I loved ghost pokemon at the time.

I have no Idea where I got this. But I love eet~

Another group advanced poster from K-Zone ;w;


Yaknow how I like making things from Clay? I love making plushies as well.
At one point, i went mad and mass produced Wingull. Six of them each with something diffeerent about them. (One with a tophat and monocle, one with a crown, one with a cowboy hat, one with earrings and eyepatch and a bandanna as a pirate, and one with a flower.)
I gave them away last year to other Poke-fans at my Uni's anime guild. I decided to keep the rose one because it's cute ;w;
Its about... 56cm from wing to wing, and 36cm from beak to tail.

After the Wingull Incident, I had some stuff left over. And a heap of purple. So, I thought, 'Why not make a huge Ekans?!?!'
And I did :D
It was only yesterday did I realise I inadvertently made it to scale.

So it's a 2m, 1:1 scale Ekans plush.


A diveball bag I made.... a really long time ago...
My bro usues it for storage purposes now ;w;


At the back is the German Version of the Ultimate Heatgold and SoulSilver stickerbook.
It contains small stickers of every gen 1-2 pokemon. It also has large stickers of half of them, the gym leaders of Kanto and Hoenn and every kind of pokeball :D

The Advanced Handbook is bacisally a printdex of all the Hoenn region pokemon and a stuff about the hoenn region ;w;

The Pokeball books are some stuff my bro got from a book order, and got bored of. Hee~

I... have alot of stickers ;A;

And, well that's it for now!
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